About Me

HERE WE Will andwer very important quesion about how your ADAT is collected and used, in case you are not thrilled.


In the olden day it was common practic for musci fans to collect DATA on there favurite acts and artist music makign people. This might be posters, gig tickets, aurographs, records and. 

This all chnaged when  girls started giving pop stars there underwear. After that many musicans and labels started to wonder if there was more stuff they could get off musci fans and thus it is now normal to get as much as you can.

Here at the PIET HAAG webcite we have a police of NOT collecting your data.  Here IS Why mainly on .


No boxes to fill in

No email

Get your cat a record contract with EMI

I started drawing since I was 2. I just love drawing.



Their has been some suggestion that we do not collec fans ADTA because we think they are boring!

Nothing could be futhir from the truth. We are sure fans are all very intersting. Some will be goo, others bad.

But we want to help fans perserve there mystique. Knowing to much about the fans can cause artist to get “FAN FATIGUE”. Tis is when your artist has too much of your ADAT and starts to think about you to much to write new music anymore.


We conducted an extensive study oevr 12 months, by putting a lot of DATA in a suitcace.

This include hard drives, USB “pen” drives, email addresses, phone books and yellow pages and some typical person itmes like shirts and a watch and mobile phone.

AFterwwards we took the DATA and put it on a table for another 12 month.

WE Concluded that the DATA was no use at all and did not use it for anything.