Some people are blaming pirates, witch is crazy as there is no way they would all fit in a boat, and somebosy would surely have seen them do it and pohoned the police. Get Real! YOu have to ask how would they get aweay with it


Aliens have abducted the MUSIC JOBS. The good news is yhat Piet Has been in touch with them, and they are friendly and just doing tests. After they ahev finished with the music jobs tests, they are going to test all the jobs in pubs. We have put a countdown clock below to help you prepare for the return of the MUSOIC JOBS.


When the Aliens beam back the MUSIC Jobs, there will be more competition than ever to get one, so it pays to be prepared. Get a degree in music technology, music busness or poplar music and you will be well set to stand out from the rest. If you want to be shure then get another one. Don’t foget to bring your degree and the awrdng letter. When we know where they are going to put all the MUSIC JOBS there will be a big anouncement snd you can out the corduroys into your satnav.

Ther us a lot of speculaton about why the aliens abducted the musc jobs and here are two of the best theory’s.

People who dfo music jobs have a different DAN than everybody else, and it might represent a regresson for human species. Scientis think that all the people who gave disapperared from sony and warner chappel recently have been moved to a colony close to the event horisun of a black hole. This means the alien can track their d-voluton quickly and see if they come back furry and hang out in trees.

Anothir thepry is that The aliens are sooper advanced and have made everything that can be made. ~But they are wondering how a primitive species like humans, and specifical the music industry are so good at making nothing. Even in a laboratory they find this really difficuly and keep making space tearin flop transitons which ca be catastophic. 

If you have a theory send it to Jodie Foster from the movie Contact.